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Reclaiming Your Lost Parts of Self

Does a feeling of frequent overwhelm follow you? What if this feeling has persisted for years? You may feel like you'll never escape from the worry, negative thoughts, pain and chaos. You may feel like you'll never get better.

We have a tendency to want to push these feelings away because they're so uncomfortable. In the process, we inadvertently wall away a part of our own being, which makes things worse. It's our instinct to want to protect our self from overwhelm, but counter intuitively - hiding oneself is usually the cause of the overwhelm. It leaves us with only partial inner resources with which to face the world. When we turn back toward our self, accept and hold our self with compassion, we experience a profound sense of strengthening and a surprising release from overwhelm.

This audio download contains a deep teaching on the spiritual concept of "presence" along with a 15 minute meditation.

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