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Paige Bartholomew

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Easing Chronic Pain and Clearing Anxiety

Feelings of anxiety, stress or worry are common. Frantic, compulsive actions can accompany these feelings, which can make us feel even more out of control. It is possible to train oneself with time and practice, to release the anxiety and bring a permanent sense of self-control and calm.

This 32 minute audio session with Paige Bartholomew contains an in-depth discussion about what anxiety actually is (it might surprise you!) and how it gets stuck in the body. This session includes a 20 minute meditation to guide you through deep healing for worry, panic and anxiety. It will leave you feeling refreshed, grounded and stable. Begin your day with this meditation to build new neural pathways to nervous system regulation and a deepening sense of certain calm.

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With Love, Paige Bartholomew

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